Treasure Fingers & Codes – Blowin’ Up ft Amy Douglas
27. Tuesday.2012

House music heavyweights Treasure Fingers and Codes team up to bring us a huge vocal anthem, “Blowin’ Up,” featuring the voice of Amy Douglas.

The track channels some chicago-style vibes with Douglas’ soulful vocals over bright piano riffs while also dipping into some heavy low-end in the breakdowns. It’s a nice update to a classic sound.

“Blowin’ Up” is out everywhere today on Hed Kandi Records. Go ahead and pick up a copy for your setlist at beatport.

Also be sure to check Codes’ recent collaboration with A-Trak on the remix of Cerrone’s “Misunderstanding.”

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Hot Hot Hawk – Electric Touch ft. Patrick Baker
19. Monday.2012

After hearing the “Electric Touch” collaboration between Nashville vocalist Patrick Baker (pictured above) and Russian production duo Hot Hot Hawk, I reached out to get some insight into how they started working togher.

“Hot Hot Hawk got in touch with me about doing some vocals after hearing the demos I had posted on SoundCloud,” says Baker. “Even though we couldn’t be further apart geographically we’re both in a smaller sub-scene within the larger indie dance/nu-disco community that tends to gravitate towards a more retro/80′s aesthetic.

I think because it’s a smaller scene everybody is more aware of each other and keeps up with all the new music coming out. When they reached out to me they already had the track fleshed out minus a couple arrangement tweaks and were looking for a vocal. It was good timing for me because I was getting out of my summer mode and looking to do something with a little darker vibe.”

“Electric Touch” will be released officially on the Disco Deluxe Vol. 3 compilation, out Dec. 23 through Disco Soul Records.

Preview the track bellow and head over to Patrick Baker’s facebook page for a free download.

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[Interview] RAC
16. Friday.2012

Having been in a variety of bands before starting the Remix Artist Collective André Anjos entered the remix game with a bit of an edge. His rapid succes can be traced back to many factors; notably his strength as a selector of great remixing material, his innate understanding of pop music and his growing arsenal of analog and digital sounds.

I met André backstage at Neon Gold’s CMJ showcase hosted at Santo’s Party House in NYC. There, in a small crowded room we chatted about his musical influences, the rise of RAC and his plans for an upcoming full-length RAC debut.

Joseph: So how did RAC get started? The project seems to be primarily your baby.

André: It’s kind of shifted over time. Going back to the very beginning, I was in college and I didn’t really have any prospects in life (laughs). I was getting a degree in music business, applying for internships and also interested in recording.

I’d been trying to get anything really and I was getting nowhere. I had been doing remix competitions for a while and enjoyed it. I liked recording and it was easy access to good vocals. I thought, “might as well try this, there’s not really that many people doing it.”

So I set up a website without really having any kind of back catalog and reached out to a LOT of people and the only ones that really replied were the Shins! So I got really lucky with that one. I think they were excited because no one had really asked them. They’re an indie rock band. At the time it was kind of unheard of to do remixes of indie rock bands.

Joseph: And that seems to be your style – not necessarily Disco-driven, although all the Disco kids love your stuff; It reaches a wider audience because it’s rock music with dance sensibility.

What’s your musical background? What influences your style?

André: It’s a little bit of everything actually. I used to be in metal bands. I’ve played in punk rock bands and indie rock bands. That’s really been the background of it.

As far as remixing goes, it was always about the original song, that’s always been the biggest thing. And still even today, that’s the biggest battle with labels. I’m not gonna name anybody but last week I did a remix and I felt like I did the most appropriate thing for that song, which is kind of a mellow song and they were like, “Well we really liked the ‘Blue Jeans’ remix can you do something like that?”


And you know, from a label perspective, I get it. But that’s not what it’s ever been about. I think it’s because we’ve had success with that particular song that people reach out expecting the same thing, like a one trick poney but really, it’s a lot more than that.

Joseph: Are you ever surprised at how far you’ve grown and how much of an audience you’ve reached?

André: It’s ridiculous! Let’s be real, it’s absolutely insane! I had zero expectations. I was just some random college kid just trying to make a living.

Joseph: Do you think the blogs have had a lot to do with your success and the way music is distributed right now?

André: It had everything to do with it. It was just perfect timing with the indie rock remixes. It was at the beginning of the explosion of blogs and how they’ve become a new voice in media, which for a long time was very controlled by a bigger organization. But now everybody has a voice.

Actually it’s kind of funny that we’re here tonight at a Neon Gold show because six or seven years ago, Derek Davies, the guy that started Neon Gold, was the very first person that actually posted one of my songs. At the time it was called “Good Weather for Airstrikes,” which is a really old school blog. That’s where it started. Blog culture has been an incredible part of this whole story really. I wouldn’t be here talking to you if it wasn’t for that.

Joseph: So you have a new single out and it’s done really well, you’ve hooked up with Green Label Sound and it seems to be a great fit. Are you working on an album right now? Does it feel awkward working on solo debut as the Remix Artist Collective?

André: You know for a long time I actually battled with that. I was like, “Ahh, I gotta change the name, it doesn’t make any sense.” But you know, at the end of the day, I’ve spent five years of my life building up this name, I can’t just change it. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just about the music.

But to answer your question, yes, I’m working on an album which will be coming out probably early next year. It’s a similar concept to “Hollywood,” which came out on Green Label but each song has a different guest vocalist from all kinds of crazy artists that somehow agreed to do this. I’m still pretty shocked at that. It’s almost done and I’m really hoping for a January or February release.

Joseph: Cool! Everything I’ve heard sounds amazing so far. Congrats on your success and I’m looking forward to hearing the album!

André: Thank you!

RAC’s remix compilation, RAC Chapter One is out now on itunes, Amazon and Beatport and includes a wonderfully crafted continuos mix. Stream the full collection bellow and follow RAC on facebook, soundcloud and twitter.

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Yolanda Be Cool – Love Keeps (AJAX Remix)
08. Thursday.2012

After a cheeky recall of their massive “No Speak Americano” collaboration with DCUP (shown above), Aussie duo Yolanda Be Cool share glimpses of their upcoming Ladies and Mentalmen debut with the release of a Change EP and new remix of their unreleased single, “Love Keeps.”

Check the “Basement” mix of the Change title track bellow:
Yolanda Be Cool – Changes EP (full stream)

Fellow Australian and Sweat It Out label-head Adrian Thomas aka AJAX transforms YBC’s new “Love Keeps” single into a refreshingly energetic take on classic rave sounds by adding bright stabs, glassy drum samples and a gorgeous R&B breakdown to vocalist Barbara Tucker’s emotionally charged hooks.

Listen to the remix bellow, head over to Yolanda Be Cool’s facebook page for a free 320kbps download of the track or click HERE for a limited WAV file download if you prefer your singles in the 50mb region.

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01. Thursday.2012

19-year-old Belfast producer BEAR//FACE makes music that’s just plain gorgeous. Pulling from R&B, hip-hop, experimental-indie, ambient and sample-based sounds, he’s created his own style; often making use of loud-to-soft progressions and huge euphoric side-chained break-downs.

Listen to lead singles “Taste My Sad” and “G▲NGY” bellow:

Also check the recently upped “My Love” remix, made in a similar vein as Cyril Hahn‘s breakthrough Destiny’s Child remix.

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Bear//Face Remix) (mediafire link)

BEAR//FACE’s debut Beat_Tape EP is available to stream in full bellow and you can buy the whole thing for a dollar. Props for the Freaks and Geeks sample in “$oOo Wavey” and the Bjork sample in “RIP Algermon.” Props on props on props.

Keep up with BEAR//FACE on facebook and soundcloud.

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Duke Dumont – The Giver
01. Thursday.2012

“You’re that special someone that makes me wanna give it” echoes through Duke Dumont‘s latest anthem, “The Giver;” a passionate take on vocal house backed by echoing clicks, aggressive kicks and synth-lines that are meant to be heard over a great system.

The track especially picks up toward the 4 min mark, where pitched-up vocals rotate over a rising bassline before the beat returns to hammer out the final portion of the song.

“The Giver” is featured on the split EP, For Club Play Only Vol. 2, out now on Beatport through Tiga’s Turbo imprint.

Listen below and grab a bonus free download of Dumont’s Santigold remix.

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French Horn Rebellion vs. Database – Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix)
24. Wednesday.2012

Justin Faust delivers an excellent addition to his stacked list of floor fillers with a brand new remix of French Horn Rebellion and Database‘s upcoming single, “Poster Girl”.

His use of looping riffs, playful synth textures and white noise build-ups alongside the original’s catchy vocals (shout out to “Poster Girl” Nancy Lu!) make this remix one of the better tracks of 2012.

It’s the perfect soundtrack to late-night drives across town before sweating it out in your favorite club.

Listen to Faust’s remix bellow, click HERE to grab a free download of the track and check the original over at Jay-Z’s Life + Times blog.

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Kimbra – Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix)
02. Tuesday.2012

By now you know Aeroplane is very good at making memorable disco cuts and Kimbra is very good at making heart-warming pop music, so it should come as no surprise that when Aeroplane remixes a Kimbra single, the result is an instant classic.

Check the “Two Way Street” remix bellow and keep an eye out for the upcoming Vows remix album.

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Everything Everything – MY KZ, UR BF (Grum Remix)
01. Monday.2012

I was watching The Inbetweeners movie the other day (the one with the British kids making minge jokes) and heard a really good remix of Everything Everything‘s “MY KZ, UR BF” in the background. After a quick search I found out it was made by Leeds producer and personal favorite, Grum! As a big fan of both of these artists I thought, “HOLY SHIT HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD THIS BEFORE!”

The track is two years old and holds up beautifully, thanks to Grum’s choice of synthwork and clean production techniques.

Everything Everything are currently on tour with a new album, Arc due Jan 14 of next year. Hopefully Grum’s busy with some new sounds as well.

Grab a free full quality download of the remix bellow:

Everything Everything – MY KZ, UR BF (Grum Remix) (download)

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F.E.A.R – I Was There
27. Thursday.2012

Gorgeous synth patterns swell over crisp drum samples, deep basslines and soulful vocal accompaniment in the new single “I Was There” from london duo F.E.A.R.

“I Was There” is featured on F.E.A.R’s Digital Heart EP, out now on beatport through Black Butter Records.

Click here to stream more previews from the Digital Heart EP.

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