Dragonette – Let It Go EP ft the Knocks & Laidback Luke
04. April 2012

The new Dragonette single is really good. Like, you’ll be singing it in the shower good. Like, call up the music supervisor for one of those hit teen drama shows and have it featured on TV so tweens grab it on itunes and the band makes some seriously deserved dollar bills good. By now, everyone in the world should recognize Martina Sorbara’s iconic voice, if not from the group’s previous work, at least for her part in Martin Solvieg’s chart-topping single, “Hello.” Their new one, “Let it Go” is modern pop excellence. I look forward to hearing a lot more of it this year.

The Knocks and Dragonette are such a natural combination I had to double check to make sure this was the first time they’d worked together. For this remix, the NY duo peel back a few of the original’s layers for some extra breathing room for their bright, electric synthwork. If you’re reading from New York, catch the Knocks opening for Dragonette this Sat Apr 7 at the Bowery Ballroom.

I really like what Laidback Luke does with his version of “Let It Go,” up until the “BOOOM HERES THE EDM BIT MUTHA FUCKAAAA” part, which pretty much abandons any trace of the original for a big, cheesy fist-pump breakdown. The production ends up sounding more like a glorified mashup than an actual remix.

Dragonette – Let It Go (Single) is out now on itunes. Keep up with the band’s future releases and downloads through their twitter and facebook pages.

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