Storage Containers

Storage ContainersStorage containers are huge steel boxes used for storing and transporting freight worldwide. The sizes of these containers usually range from 20 to 53 ft. Aside from being used for transporting goods, storage containers are also used as building materials. Nowadays, these boxes are utilized to construct not only houses but also restaurants and food trucks. Various people around the world have tried using them and the results were impressive.

These containers are perfect for those who want to start a food business. They are very easy to build and move. Using storage containers to construct stalls for food businesses can save time, money, and effort.

If you’re thinking of putting up a food business and you want to erect an eating place immediately, here are the steps on how to do them:

Decide what kind of food you want to sell

Starting a food business won’t be possible if you don’t have any food to sell. If you’re of foreign blood, introducing your country’s cuisine is a good idea. You can also cook and sell your favorite food. Allot budget for the cooking equipment, raw ingredients, and the construction of your eatery.

Research about that food

If you don’t have any background in cooking, it’s very important to research about the food you want to sell first. Read cookbooks and references related to culinary history. You can take cooking lessons as well.

Search for a good business location

If you already know what food you’re going to sell, start looking for a location for your business. Find an area that allows the construction of shipping container establishments and study that location’s rules. Check if there are competitors in that area. Identify each business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Purchase a shipping container

A food business won’t be complete if doesn’t have any stalls. You can purchase a shipping container online. New storage containers can cost $3000 or more. If you want to save more money, buy a used one. A used container can cost around $1800 or less depending on size and condition. If you want more space for your business, buy a larger container.

Decorate your container

After purchasing a container, inspect and clean it first. Decide whether you want to build a stand-alone restaurant or a food truck. Food trucks require containers to be placed on trucks. Add insulation and wallpaper to your establishment. Don’t forget to paint the walls outside. Cover the rusty areas. Hang a signboard as well. Add chairs for the customers. Make sure that air can pass through the container.

Buy kitchen equipment

Purchase cooking tools and equipment for your business. They will depend on the kind of food you want to sell. If you’re planning to sell burgers, you better purchase a griddle. Pastry, on the other hand, requires ovens and mixers.

Install safety equipment

To prevent accidents, install safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers) inside the container. Add first aid kits as well.


Get a business license

If you’re done decorating and adding equipment in your shipping container restaurant, apply for a license to make your business operation legitimate. Go to the nearest state or city office and fill up a business license application form. Wait for your application to get approved.

Hire and train staff

Hire and train employees for your business. Make sure that they know how to use the equipment inside your eatery. Instruct them about workplace safety. They should know what to do in case of emergencies.

Advertise your business

Promote your food business. Create websites and promotional materials about it. You can also get help from a newspaper company.

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Storage containers are very useful, you can use as a shop, mobile office and many more. You can manage your container in your own style and use storage container in your own way.