When To Upgrade Your Discount Golf Clubs

Golf requires players to invest hard earned money in a set of clubs. This is often done to improve one’s game.  Despite this, some golfers choose to upgrade their clubs every so often.  Without such upgrades, golfers are not able to improve their game as much as they want because they are stuck with the same equipment which only limits the growth of their swing. These people do not change their clubs for the fear of dropping a huge amount of money on them. This should not be the case all the time.  There are still golf clubs out there that combine quality with affordable pricing.  Discount golf clubs are usually available at lower prices without sacrificing quality.

Below are several signs every golfer needs to take into consideration when upgrading golf clubs.

Firstly, if one’s golf game has changed, it usually is a sign that he needs to head down to the discount golf clubs store and purchase a better, more fitting set. According to ebay.com for example, if players see that they are getting better, they might want to purchase clubs that are heavier and have a lot more substance to add more momentum to their improvement.

Golf EquipmentSecondly, it is a sign that a golf player should look for newer discount golf clubs when he has bought his or her last set at least three years ago. According to an article from ebay.com, technology in golf is always changing and new techniques are used to make each newer generation of golf clubs. Due to this, experts say that a golfer should not wait longer than three years to upgrade his equipment. If a player does not feel like spending a large amount of money on a new set of clubs, then he always has the option of purchasing golf clubs at discount prices, which are just as new in terms of value.

Thirdly, it is another sign that a player should change his or her golf clubs would be his age. As a golfer ages, he may become weaker, and as such will need clubs with more flex in their shaft to accommodate their lack of strength. A more flexible shaft delivers more of a punch when it strikes the ball, making strength less of an issue with seniors or older players. Many flexible discount golf clubs that are very much up to date with this technology are available in online stores.

GolfLastly, probably the last sign that you should head down to the discount golfing store to replace one’s precious golf clubs is wear and tear. Wear and tear is something inevitable with golf clubs. Regardless of the care a golfer puts into the club, it will still deteriorate slowly. Grooves on the club face get smoother, the grip loses its roughness, the shaft starts to crack and too many abrasions and scratches appear. As such, this is probably a normal sign that a golfer must replace his or her golf clubs very soon.  Of course, wear and tear depends on how frequently the golf clubs are used.  The more you play golf using your clubs, the more you will wear them down, and the sooner you will have to go and buy a replacement set.   If you play regularly, you might want to save up for the cost of buying a new set of golf clubs.

Most golfers think that they should change their clubs only after a long time. However, the signs in this article clearly state otherwise. One of the reasons why golfers feel it is unnecessary to change their clubs is because of the costs of buying such equipment. Golf is an expensive sport. However, there are solutions to this problem. One such solution that golfers can turn to is purchasing high quality discount golf clubs. Having said this, golfers should take into consideration the signs mentioned in this article and not be hesitant to change their golf clubs when they see the need signs.

PCB Fabrication Process

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) electrically connects electronic components by making conductive pathways, pads and other elements etched from a copper sheet, which is laminated onto a non-conducting substrate. The PCB fabrication process involves several steps such as etching, drilling, plating, solder resist and testing. In manufacturing our boards, we always use high-class materials to guarantee that the finished products meet your company’s specifications.

Advantages Of PCB Over Bread Board

• Our PCBs have far higher density than regular bread boards.

• The design of a PCB is more reliable than that of a bread board. The circuit will not crumble and it looks neater without wires popping out from every corner.

• With a PCB, you can precisely control the circuit component you’re using, and you can easily incorporate odd-shaped components. This is difficult to do if you’re using a bread board.

• Production of huge volumes of PCBs is less expensive and you can employ automated machines for the soldering to make the entire process easier and less time-consuming.

After deciding on the type of electronic circuit that you wish to build on the board, you will have to create a board design on a PC prior to the actual PCB fabrication. There are several software that you can use to help you with the designing process. It is important to note that since you’re looking at the board from the top view, all elements of the design must be done in reverse. If you’re designing a circuit, the layout on the board must have a 360-degree flip.

PCB Fabrication Process

After you’re done with the design, you will then have to print the layout you made, preferably with a laser printer. Be mindful of the type of printing paper you’re about to use. Although a bit costly, gloss transparent photo paper are considered the most appropriate for this process.

You also have to ensure that each component is properly fitted onto the print. You may first copy the print on an ordinary photo paper then lay all the components down. Make sure the size of your layout fits the size of the board. Use the highest resolution for the print and never use any color other than black. Increase color contrast and make sure that the actual print is darker and thicker. Once the print comes out, don’t take it right away. Wait until the ink completely dries out.

PCBLeave some blank areas when cutting the layout. Place the layout on the board and apply heat and pressure by pressing a moderately hot iron box over it. After a few minutes, the layout will be attached to the paper and the board, and you will have to remove the paper so it gets attached to the board permanently. You can remove the paper by soaking it in water for 2-3 hours. Once taken out of water, you can use your finger to rub and remove all the remaining bits of paper off the board.

Etching Process

The etching process is a necessary step of PCB fabrication. This process is done to eliminate excess copper after putting on a mask, leaving behind only the required copper tracks.

All PCBs are built by affixing a layer of copper on top of the substrate. In some occasions, the copper can be bound on both sides. There are various etching methods that you can use, but the most popular is chemical etching, wherein you can use either hydrochloric acid or ferric chloride.


Attaching components onto the multi-layered board can only be accomplished by means of VIAS drilling. Small bits of drill made of tungsten are used during this process. To punch the through-holes, a dremel drill is usually used. However, for huge volume of board production, automated drilling equipment are more efficient.

Conductor Plating

Some parts of the board don’t allow soldering of components. This is usually the copper connections or parts where components are positioned. To solder the components on it, you need to plate the surface with conductors such as tin, nickel or gold.

Solder Resist

Other parts where soldering is not allowed are those with solder resist substance. It’s chiefly a polymer covering that serves to prevent the solder from creating traces and shortcuts to other component leads.


The whole process of PCB fabrication will not be complete without testing the boards. We always test our PCBs for quality control prior to taking them out of the factory. We employ different testing methods, including CT scanning, Rigid-Needle Adaptor, Bed of Nails, and so on. All our tests essentially involve a computer program that will instruct electrical test units to apply a slight voltage to contact points, and attest that a particular voltage is present at its proper contact point.

PCB Fabrication

Above are the basic steps to follow PCB fabrication. Depending on the type of device that we use, we also apply other steps, such as using SMT or Surface Mount Technology. This is to ensure that our clients get satisfied with our services.

The Roles Of Motivational Speakers And What It Takes To Be The Best

Today, motivational speakers play a vital role in the society. Whether they are presenting at a school, community center, company, or church, their objective is to inspire other people and provide a positive influence in their lives. Through the talks and writings of these speakers, they could help people rise above the challenges that prevent them from discovering their purpose and direction in their lives.

Speakers come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, expertise, and levels of education. Some of them choose to focus on topics related to business, while others talk about challenges of the youth, social issues, and personal development. Those who are really skilled in business usually speak at business workshops or seminars. On the other hand, speakers who are gifted in talking to young people may deliver talks in schools or community centers.

Motivational speakers who are experts in their field may appear on television and create podcasts or write motivational books about their speeches. There are speakers who only do this profession part-time, while others devote their lives in developing a full-time speaking career. The work schedule and workplace of a motivational speaker depend mostly on their area of expertise. Well-known speakers may be engaged in talks in different states or even in different countries and travel extensively to deliver speeches. The best speakers are high in demand in world seminars and conferences because of their level of expertise and experience in certain areas.

Characteristics Of Successful Motivational Speakers

Excellent speakers share specific qualities that make them stand out in their field. A motivational speaker has to master their subject matter, be able to connect with their audience, and be confident in their skills. While many people have the skill to deliver a motivational speech, not every one of them can develop a profession in motivational speaking.

Most of the people who give out the best motivational speeches have the following characteristics:
1. Personal Motivation

Keynote speakerThe top speakers believe in what they do and they have personal motivation for their job. Their presentations are a testimonial that they are committed to quality work. In every engagement, whether big or small, they give it their all and they are determined to do well. Speakers are at their best to motivate others when they are truly motivated themselves with their field of expertise and trust in the values that they speak of. The best speakers would reflect honesty and positivity in their presentations so they can motivate their audience to follow their advice.

2. Ability to Relate with their Audience

Good SpeakerMotivational speakers must know how to have a connection with their audience. They should have an understanding for the challenges that people encounter in their lives and should be truly interested in helping them attain their aspirations. To relate to their audience, some great speakers use humor, while other share their personal experiences, including their past mistakes and failures, insecurities, and difficulties. This way, the audience would have hope and motivation that they could come out on top after such tough times like the speaker did.

3. Good Speaking Voice

Motivational SpeakerFor a motivational speaker, a good speaking voice is a huge advantage. If so, the speaker’s voice would resonate well all through an auditorium or room and would make it easier for them to deliver their message. This is why it is important to learn how to develop enunciation skills and voice projection. Not all motivational speakers have a natural gift of speaking eloquently. Most of them need to practice and improve their speaking skills so that they get can effectively get their message across and connect with their audience.

Author Bio:
Motivational speakers underscore the significance of consistency and teach ways on how their actions won’t betray their words. One of the keys to being an excellent motivational speaker is ensuring you keep your audience engaged.

Prohormones provide the gains in size and strength together with the mental fierceness that you need to conquer the gym. Good diet and exercise plan is needed before using prohormones because there is no such supplement that can provide the gains in muscle that you need without having a good diet and exercise plan. It is also important that you buy prohormones only from reliable source.

The industry of prohormones has improved a lot since the DSHEA compliance law and the outcome of those changes are many. There are some misconceptions about prohormones and the side effects they have on the body. This article will deal with those misconceptions and the myths involved in prohormone use and its effects.

Prohormones are Much Safer Today

chemicalThe liver processed the prohormones that enter the body, the way it process other substance or food you take. Once it enters the body, the liver converts it into the actual steroids. This is the reason why it is said to be safer as compared in the past. The substance is no longer methylated, thus they are no longer hepatoxic, which means they have less damaging effect on the liver. Make sure that you buy prohormones from a reliable source, if not you might experience harmful effects which is not present in reliable prohormones.

For those who are wondering if prohormones are actually steroids, the answer is yes and no. In its plain form the substance is considered as a supplement, but once it enters the body as mentioned above it is converted into the actual steroids and the user will achieve the same results that steroids provide.

The Effects of Prohormones

If you buy prohormones from a reliable source the effects are many and it varies from one person to another. Here are some of the common effects that you can expect from using prohormones:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased sex drive
  • Quick increase in muscle mass and weight gain
  • Increased in drive and focus in life
The Side Effects of Prohormones

Some people may experience side effects while the cycle of prohormones is going on. Since prohormones can affect your hormones, biochemistry and hormone levels some of the possible side effects are as follows:

  • Skin acne. This is only temporary and will subside when the cycle is completed and the body’s hormones are balanced.
  • Hair loss. This is less common with the today’s safe prohormones, but if you buy prohormones in its old form, you might experience this side effect.
  • Testicular shrinkage. This effect is also less prevalent with the present form of prohormones but some might still experience this. This is also temporary and will subside when the cycle is completed and the hormone are balanced.
  • Gynecomastia. This is an infamous side effect. This problem is not only related to prohormone use, but is something that a person should monitor, particularly those who are prone to estrogen response or those who are overweight, and taking any supplement. This can be solved by the use of natural, safe, legal AI’s and SERM’s during and once the prohormone cycle is completed.
The After Effects of Prohormones

If you are wondering if you need to control estrogen both and after cycle for best results and fast recovery, the answer is yes. This will optimize the cycle by controlling the estrogen and it will also help the natural production of testosterone while on cycle, thus limiting the shutdown, and compounding the outcomes.

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT

Keep in mind, when you take prohormones, they are converted to steroids in your body. This means adding exogenous testosterone, nadrolone, 1-testosterone and others in your body. This will cause your body to generate less natural testosterone during the cycle. You don’t have to worry while on the cycle but when the prohormone cycle is completed, you should take the necessary measures to help your body recover as fast as possible. You need PCT or post cycle therapy. If you were not able to implement PCT correctly, you may experience breast tissue growth or swelling, diminished mood or decrease in sex drive.